What happens when a beam of white light passes through the grating?

Assemble the experimental device shown in the diagram. See how a spectrum of white light appears on the screen.

What are we doing here?

Let's start to methodically study nature again. In the case of light phenomena, the most necessary methodology for us is to study what happens to a single beam of light. If we know this, we can often tell what happens when there are a lot of light rays.

In this experiment, the slot and grating are connected together just to make the experiment easier. However, the idea remains the same: a narrow beam (light beam) is separated from the light of the light source by means of a slit.

In the experiment, we learn that the grating or rainbow glasses bend the light beam away from the direct direction. But, as a big difference from, for example, a mirror, the grating deflects light of different colors from the direct direction to a different degree. Red more, blue the least. This is how a rainbow is created.

The experiment in Fig

How to conduct the experiment?

If you do not succeed in assembling the test according to the scheme, you can watch the following test video.

Components of white light and how to see them

White light is composite light and its components can be separated from each other. For this purpose, optical devices are used, which direct light rays of different colors falling on it in different directions.