Energia ülekandmise tsirkus

Do it

Uuri allpool kirjeldatud olukordi. Vasta küsimustele.

Energia salvestamise tsirkus

Energia võib üle kanduda erinevaid teid pidi.

Kas sa oskad neid kõiki näha ja arusaadavalt selgitada?

  • Hot water can burn -> keep beakers in the middle of a clear table.
  • Spilt water can make the floor slippery -> wipe up spilt water straight away.
  • Pushing and pulling objects can make people move in unexpected ways -> check nobody is too close and move with care.

  • Different work-stations are set up around the room
Töö käik

At each work-station:

  • Read the information card
  • Carry out the investigation
  • For each energy transfer describe how the energy is transferred. (The best answers are clear and short, but with lots of detail.)
  • Can you spot any energy transfers that are not shown on the information cards?