Energia salvestamise tsirkus

Do it

Uuri allpool kirjeldatud olukordi. Vasta küsimustele.

Energia salvestamise tsirkus

Kui midagi toimub, kandub energiat ühest hoidjast teise.

Kas sa oskad kirjeldada, millised energia hoidjad kaotavad energiat ja millised saavad juurde?

  • Hot water can burn -> keep beakers in the middle of a clear table.
  • Spilt water can make the floor slippery -> wipe up spilt water straight away.
  • Pushing and pulling objects can make people move in unexpected ways -> check nobody is too close and move with care.
  • Different work-stations are set up around the room
Töö käik

At each work-station:

  1. Read the information card
  2. Draw an energy transfer diagram to show how you think the energy stores will change
  3. Carry out the instructions to see if you were right
  4. Improve your energy transfer diagram if you need to